6 Up and Coming San Jose Real Estate Communities to Purchase In

download (75)California is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, and retire, and there are many different areas that have their own distinct flavor. Six areas below are some of the best in the Silicon Valley Area, and now is the perfect time to buy a residential home there. Whether you want to start a new job, reduce your commute time by moving closer to your current employer, or even open up your own business, these places offer more than just residential neighborhoods.

Willow Glen

Willow Glen is known for the many specialty shops in the downtown area. It also provides a wonderful small-town feel with its beautiful neighborhoods that are easily walked. Not only are homes well-maintained, but sidewalks are also, making walking with strollers easy-to-do. Willow Glen is also a very safe area with very low crime rates. Young families have found this area to be extremely safe and well-policed.

Mountain View

Mountain View is home to many highly educated people and has a strong school system with highly-performing individual schools. Not only are there a high number of arts and humanities centers, there are also many museums and technology centers that provide additional avenues of educating the public in advances being made in science. The population has also benefited greatly from the many fitness centers in the area as well as the short commuting times required of most of the residents who live and work there.


Campbell is where many established families and retired people have come to call home, making this one of the safest locations in the area. There are established playgroups run by groups of parents who are enthusiastic about socializing their children, and this has built a strong parent-teacher connection within the schools, also.

Los Gatos

Los Gatos is an area that is farther away from the ocean’s beaches, but also much closer to the beautiful mountain ranges that border the area. A quaint area that tourists get their first taste of the area from, many fall in love with Los Gatos and it’s winding streets and views of the mountains.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is home to some of the area’s very best schools and touts a high Asian population that views academics as highly important. This is perhaps the most prestigious area of the six listed here and their graduation rates are as high as their crime rates are low. Extremely safe and very family-oriented, neighborhoods are cohesive and extremely well-maintained.

San Jose

San Jose is central to all of the previous towns, making it well-loved by its residents, and also by those who find it a perfect place to visit during their vacation. The mix of mountain ranges and ocean views create beautiful backdrops for the photographer in anyone or just a great way to relax after a day’s work. The many different types of jobs, from entry level to experienced engineering positions make San Jose the perfect place to revitalize a career. The area’s many technology-based businesses are often backed by government funding, helping to create a much more vital job market than what the rest of the country is experiencing.


Current Reflections on the Real-Estate Market

images (12)“The underlying principles of sound investment should not alter from decade to decade, but the application of these principles must be adapted to significant changes in the financial mechanisms and climate.”
–Benjamin Graham, American Economist and Professional Investor (The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel, Harper & Row, 1949)

In the United States, the family home has represented both the single-largest household expenditure and the primary store of wealth for families over the past century. However, “gaming” the market (betting on and against Mortgage-Backed Securities) disrupted this general sense of equilibrium for many Americans as home prices rose to unaffordable levels before crashing down, wiping out family savings.

The book and recent film The Big Short gave us some of the true story behind the largest Real-Estate Bubble in modern history. Was this the end? No! Many matters did not unravel quickly and the recent course of time has presented many new challenges to us.

Some of us may remember growing up in an era when our parents explained to us that purchasing a home was a long-term investment. Unlike stocks or other speculative investments, the return on family real-estate was expected to be modest but solid. The common philosophy was that home values kept up with inflation and that we got to live for free in the house.

A review of the fifty-year average growth in home prices in the United States indicates that, through the 1990s, home values tracked the long-term rate of general inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The horse that upset the apple cart over the past two decades has been speculative house-flipping-buying and reselling quickly-along with bundling mortgages into investment securities that became highly speculative a decade ago. Though this bifurcation in housing investment has calmed down during the recent decade, it has not disappeared.

The continuing duality of housing investment was spawned by the massive number of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) that followed the subprime mortgage craze that occurred twelve years ago. The inherent problem with ARMs came from their low teaser-rates (ones that would jump to higher rates), which were due to reset by 2012.

These rates were coupled with their down payments-ranging from small to zero– that caused many properties to slip underwater easily.

Market analysts such as Whitney Tilson of Tilson Mutual Funds expected a second mortgage tsunami by 2012 or 2013. As the ARMs reset at significantly higher rates, analysts predicted that these rates would make underwater properties even less purposeful to hold as monthly mortgage-payments escalated sharply. The result was the fear of a second great “walk-away” by mortgage-defaulters.

However, this event was subdued by an apparent (though somewhat covert) action by the banks. They reset mortgage-rates at acceptably low fixed-rates while restructuring many existing mortgages with some help from the Federal Government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).

Along the sidelines, many analysts continue to suggest that this course of action necessitated holding down rates through intentional suppression of the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR). The LIBOR sets the standard for determining mortgage-rates used by major banks throughout the world. This episode led to the investigation of the dozen-and-a-half banks that are seated on the LIBOR board. The episode also resulted in Barclays Bank taking the bullet in the form of a fine that amounted to its profits for one morning from its opening until the first coffee break.

In concurrence with our Federal Reserve Bank (the FED) and other central banks, interest rates have continued to remain low. In support of the primary home-buying season of the year, the FED recently announced its plans to hold down mortgage-rates through at least June of this year.

3 Simple Pleasures Of Moving Into A Brand-New Apartment Home

download (74)There’s nothing more exciting than leaving a dingy dorm-room and moving into a sunny, airy, brand-new apartment home.The Millennials’ penchant for high-end apartment living has seen a number of new multi-family building projects emerge. All their high-end amenities and innovative floor-plans, their proximity to the city’s downtown and the young crowd that occupy them, all make these recently built homes really attractive for young executives and newly weds, who have just embarked upon a new journey of their lives. What is more? Living in an apartment home, that no one else ever occupied is a complete bliss. Here are the reasons:

It’s Squeaky Clean

How would you feel if you got a chance to step on an island that no one knew even existed? Well, you get a similar kind of feeling when you move into a brand-new apartment, only on a smaller scale. There will be no spots on the walls that you don’t know about, your kid would be the first one to use the blank walls as her canvas, and you will be the first one to ever bake the delicious cakes in that oven. In short, the history of the apartment will connect so much to your history of setting up a family or beginning a new life. Such a place is way easier to keep neat and clean. If you are a busy professional, these sparkling clean units will help save a lot of your time and energy in cleaning efforts.

Tightened Security, Heightened Privacy

From security to soundproofing, today’s apartment communities tend to follow stringent construction standards. When you move into one of these units, you will be lucky enough to stay insulated from those neighbors that choose to have a musical blast late at night, and you might finally be able to say good-bye to the plight of living under the constant fear of burglars. The newly constructed units have everything to make it easy for you to cope with a new life in a new city. Most of these properties are smoke-free, letting you enjoy the outdoors even more.

Latest Amenities

The brand-new apartments are the other name of luxury and comfort. A whole range of energy-efficient appliances means a lot of convenience and immense energy-saving, which in turn translates into lower electricity bills. In addition, most of these new units make ample use of glass in their architecture, which provides natural light and air, further adding to energy efficiency.

Brand new apartment homes are all the rage. If you are relocating to a new city, try to rent a new unit in a happening neighborhood. This will keep you close to all the facilities that the city has to offer. A brand-new apartment is like a new slate that you can soon fill up with moments and memories. These sparkling clean units will let you make a fresh start in a grand way.


City Surrounded by More Than 6 Different Seas

download (73)The title of the following article may seem quite questionable at first sight but when Istanbul is subject to it, this is something absolutely true and reasonable. One of the epic moments of conquering a city is the time when Fatih the conqueror decided to reach the other side of Istanbul by moving his navy on the ground and executed this plan smoothly. When you also take the golden horn into account along with the Marmara Sea and its surroundings the number will easily reach to six.

Today, people prefer to live in the places which provide the opportunity of enjoying great sea views at the comfort of their balcony decorated with good taste. If we look at the projects which are carried out in Istanbul, all the projects have a common point in many aspects this is beyond argument but some of those step forward with their breath taking Bosporus view. The residences should have a great view which also can be called as sea view properties in Istanbul. This is because mainly lots of people do not prefer if a house does not have a beautiful scene and this is absolutely reasonable from our point of view.

As Istanbul is a developing city, we can see the residences everywhere. So there must be a difference between these residences. This difference is the location of the residence, because according to the location of the residence people make their decisions. People not only want to live in a place which has a great sea view, but also they think that it is an investment for their future. Therefore they prefer to buy the places which have great sea views. Moreover, these projects provide you the key of a luxurious life where you can live with your family in confidence and peace. So these great sea view projects such as Apartments of Beylikduzu and Residences in Zeytinburnu and Mansions of Bosphorus ensure a peaceful and enjoyable life for many people since they made their mind up to live here. Also, there are a lot of projects in order to make people live in peace, and these projects also have the opportunity of great sea view. In the near future, sea view properties in Istanbul will be the most preferable places to live and of course to invest, because of the intense demand of interest in Istanbul sea view properties it can be easily categorized with the opportunities that can be taken for granted only once and the moment to decide will not be so long.

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