The Largest City in Turkey, Grows Up Fastly in the Real Estate Market

download (79)The largest city in Turkey, has a surprising 16 million amount of citizens living in various residential settings. It, being a historical and cultural center for the country, has become the main pillar of controlling the tide of the economy in Turkey. The increasing population in the urban areas has poured constant stress among the margins of the city, it is slowly encroaching over the outer areas, and scavenging the unpopulated areas to commuter towns and societies that have the best facilities provided in the inner city.

The residences for sale in Istanbul are manifold, which include villas, apartments, and residences. There are various areas that have different commodities. Three of the regions that have the best residences in Istanbul are; Istanbul Central City Region, Waterfront Property, and New Istanbul Area.

Istanbul Central City Region has four cities that have multiple assortments of the most expensive residences. Beyoglu is the cosmopolitan center, it is always busy with entertaining and artistic nightlife areas. The neighborhood is the best area to live with the busy lifestyle in mind. Nisantasi is on the European side of the river, it is an expensive are with magnetic mid-rise apartments. This area is lively, and has the majority of the foreign population as residents. The heart of Istanbul, Taksim, is an expensive and leisurely place to live. There is a rise in smaller apartments for sale in Istanbul so the larger high-rise apartments are being quickly overtaken by the less expensive flats.

The Waterfront Property is rapidly becoming the most popular mid-rise residential area. It includes three major areas which offer residences for sale; Bebek, Galata, and Karakoy. There are numerous villas for sale in Bebek, which runs along the waterfront. It is located on the European side of the Bosporus and has a chic atmosphere that gathers its international and national appeal. Galata is present on the shore of Golden Horn, there are many apartment buildings, which go well with the popular shopping and entertainment areas. However, the best area to look for apartments of all prices ranging from Euro 50,000 to 300,000 is Karakoy. This area is rapidly improving in popularity thus, has the best and cheapest residences in Istanbul.

All About Duplex Houses

download (78)Duplex houses are one of the best houses that you can have. They come with many benefits which include:

Renting: if you don’t have a large family, you can rent the top or bottom house and be collecting rent. In short, you will be living and renting the same property.

High resell value: compared to traditional houses that tend to have granny flats added onto them, duplex houses have a higher re-sell value; therefore, if you are moving to a new area you will sell the house at a high price.

Great designs: if you are planning of constructing the house, there are many designs available for you. For example, you can have a design where the house looks like one large house on the outside, but in reality there are two.

If you are planning of renting one of the houses and you don’t want to be meeting the tenant every now and then, you should ask your architect to design the house in such a way that the top and bottom houses have different amenities such as parking spaces, main doors and laundry areas.

Designing the house

The most important part of any house is the design. For a great design you should have a professional architect with great experience in designing duplex houses. The design should ensure that all sections of your house are private. This means that there should be a wall that splits your home into sections.

At the same time the design should allow you to easily expand on the house if need be. To make this possible, you should ask the architect to plan the house in such a way that it’s located at the corners of your plot so as to leave enough room for future developments.

Things you should note when constructing the house

While duplex houses are popular, they aren’t allowed everywhere. Your architect should research and decide whether the design is allowed in your area or not. There are some areas that require you to construct specific designs of duplex houses. You should research and find out the designs allowed in the area.

Just like any other house you need to take good care of your house for it to retain its great looks. For example, you need to paint the house on a regular basis.

Real Estate Agent Couldn’t Sell Your Home? Call In The Cavalry!

download (77)Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal

If you’re like most homeowners needing or wanting to sell their house, you may have already experienced the effects of an un-qualified Real Estate agent. Like a good tattoo artist, not all agents are created equal, and should be vetted before signing over %6+ of your equity. Not doing your homework could lead to a bad tattoo, (I heart mom, anyone?) or to a home-on-market for a year without selling.

A good agent is like a good wholesaler…

If the real estate agent does not ask you for the reason you are selling your house, your red flags should start going up. You see, it’s hard to come up with a good strategy to sell your home quickly not knowing all the details. For instance, the agent might not know that you need to sell your house fast. Maybe you’re going into foreclosure due to a job loss, or perhaps you are going through a divorce? Most agents just want the listing. These listing collectors are not doing the home owner any favors by not digging into the problem and strategizing a solution to fit that sellers circumstances. Granted it’s not a Real Estates agents job to sell creatively, but a good one should provide an honest idea if the home can be sold conventionally and still meet the sellers criteria for solving the “why”.

Agents don’t set the price, the Market does…

Many homeowners will rely on the word of the agent to analyze the home and come up with a good figure to sell it for. A good agent is invaluable in this regard. A bad agent can sabotage your home-sell over what I like to call “perceived value,”. This ties back to knowing circumstances. Perhaps sitting on market waiting for that one buyer to give you the 20% above market price is something that won’t affect the homeowner? If holding cost is no issue, hold on to the home until it fetches that inflated price. If you need to sell your home quickly, calculating a reasonable price is essential. If you absolutely need to sell the home at an inflated price, it’s time to look at terms!

The wholesalers tool bag…

Knowing the homeowners reason for selling is the wholesaler’s first tool. It’s essential to listen, the devils in the detail. A good wholesaler and real estate agent will know the market and can offer a good idea of how fast the house can sell at any particular cash price. When selling your home for cash does not work with the details of the sellers situation, terms are powerful tools to sell the home quickly. A wholesalers full-time job is to network with investors, and can provide solutions based on the problem with real estate terms available in your state. Lease options, and selling the home under a wrap come to mind.

Keep in mind that a real estate agent is trained to sell a home under conventional means. It’s my belief that if the agent is knowledgeable in creative real estate deal structures, it would go a long way in exploring options and getting the home sold. Wholesalers are well versed in creative financing but keep in mind that like anything else, there are good wholesalers and bad ones.

There’s no excuse for not educating yourself!

I’ll keep this one short. You have many ways of gathering good information with phones and computers. There really is no reason not to do your own homework, both on deal structure, and the State Law!


Modern Home Design for the Masses

download (76)The term “tract housing” evokes, for many, the image of suburban sprawl and conformity. Many tract subdivisions are uninspired and banal, cookie-cutter neighborhoods that give little thought to aesthetics. Sprinkled throughout California, however, there are a number of housing developments that cut against this preconception. The residential communities constructed by Joseph Eichler in the 1950s and 1960s brought modern home design to the masses and introduced an appreciation for architectural innovation to tract housing.

Joseph Eichler had little exposure to real estate or home design in his early life. He was not an architect or a builder; he was, first and foremost, a businessman, and that enabled him to recognize an opportunity. He received a business degree from NYU and worked briefly on Wall Street before helping to manage his father-in-law’s poultry business. In 1940, Joseph moved out to San Francisco to assist in the West Coast expansion of the family business. Soon after World War II, a family scandal (the details of which are now, unfortunately, lost to history) forced Joseph Eichler down a different career path. He began developing prefabricated houses on individual lots in northern California. His natural business acumen, sharpened by years in the competitive wholesale food industry, put him in a good position to take advantage of the post-war demand for suburban housing in a manner unique to the progressive tastes of northern California

While in the Bay Area, the Eichler’s lived in the Bazett House, a Usonian-style dwelling in Hillsborough, CA, built by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. Joseph Eichler had always had an appreciation for design, refinement, and modernism, but the years he spent in the Bazett House illuminated the possibilities of modern architecture for him. Modern architecture embraced clean, simple lines and understated elements that allowed the personality of the owner to shine through. Until Joseph Eichler, these styles were reserved for custom residences and corporate buildings. Eichler teamed with Robert Anshen, an architect fresh out of the University of Pennsylvania, to develop plans for residential developments that harnessed the simplicity of modern home design. Anshen, himself greatly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, brought the artful harmony of space and structure while Eichler ensured that these were easily reproducible and cost-effective. They started small, with a 50-unit neighborhood in Sunnyvale, CA. It sold out in two weeks. By the time Eichler passed away in 1974, he had built 11,000 homes and popularized modern home design on the neighborhood scale.

Eichlers, as the style has come to be known, are single story residences made mostly of glass and wood. The homes blur the distinction between interior and exterior space, to take advantage of the temperate California weather. Eichlers are designed around open-air atria with floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the backyards that connect the inhabitant to the environment and give the inhabitant a feeling of being cradled, rather than encapsulated. Many of the neighborhoods developed by Joseph Eichler are now designated areas of historic significance, ensuring that the groundbreaking home design concepts he popularized are preserved for future generations to call home.