The Largest City in Turkey, Grows Up Fastly in the Real Estate Market

download (79)The largest city in Turkey, has a surprising 16 million amount of citizens living in various residential settings. It, being a historical and cultural center for the country, has become the main pillar of controlling the tide of the economy in Turkey. The increasing population in the urban areas has poured constant stress among the margins of the city, it is slowly encroaching over the outer areas, and scavenging the unpopulated areas to commuter towns and societies that have the best facilities provided in the inner city.

The residences for sale in Istanbul are manifold, which include villas, apartments, and residences. There are various areas that have different commodities. Three of the regions that have the best residences in Istanbul are; Istanbul Central City Region, Waterfront Property, and New Istanbul Area.

Istanbul Central City Region has four cities that have multiple assortments of the most expensive residences. Beyoglu is the cosmopolitan center, it is always busy with entertaining and artistic nightlife areas. The neighborhood is the best area to live with the busy lifestyle in mind. Nisantasi is on the European side of the river, it is an expensive are with magnetic mid-rise apartments. This area is lively, and has the majority of the foreign population as residents. The heart of Istanbul, Taksim, is an expensive and leisurely place to live. There is a rise in smaller apartments for sale in Istanbul so the larger high-rise apartments are being quickly overtaken by the less expensive flats.

The Waterfront Property is rapidly becoming the most popular mid-rise residential area. It includes three major areas which offer residences for sale; Bebek, Galata, and Karakoy. There are numerous villas for sale in Bebek, which runs along the waterfront. It is located on the European side of the Bosporus and has a chic atmosphere that gathers its international and national appeal. Galata is present on the shore of Golden Horn, there are many apartment buildings, which go well with the popular shopping and entertainment areas. However, the best area to look for apartments of all prices ranging from Euro 50,000 to 300,000 is Karakoy. This area is rapidly improving in popularity thus, has the best and cheapest residences in Istanbul.